>The Oak Inside the Acorn

>There’s something about having children that turns even the hardest shells to utter mush. Life as you know — knew it — changes forever. I enjoyed my life before children. But it was so different. It was a little, well probably a lot, more selfish, in that it revolved more around what I needed. It was even more that way before Josh entered my life and became a permanent part of it.

When the first child arrived, all of a sudden a little, sweet breathed baby changed all of that. And more. I was blown away by what the very vulnerable little bundle immediately taught me. Finally, I understood for the first time just how much God loves me–and all of us. It was awesome to catch even a glimmer of that much love. But the love that overwhelms me regarding my own children is even more so in a perfect God. It amazes me yet humbles me. Especially since we are called to raise up our children as gifts from God. We are responsible for them, but they are not here to make us happy. They are here to do something that only God knows.

Which is why I just cried when reading Max Lucado’s book The Oak Inside the Acorn. How I hope that both my children grow up knowing and loving the Lord, serving others with gracious hearts and living up to their greatest potential. God grant me the ability to serve as a strong example in their lives.


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