>A New Beginning…

>A new beginning is a corny title for this post, I admit it. Freely. But I also admit that I am corny with a very pun-friendly sense of humor. But it’s not for funny reasons that I entitled this post. I am entering a new beginning. Having been in the working world — full of career driven zest — I am stepping aside somewhat. In this economy (you scream)!? Yes, even now. So we will be kind of “poor”–it is nothing like what truly economically poor people experience. We have actually been saving a few nickles and dimes. We can make it through a rough patch, or a deliberate, thoughtful, prayerful decision that allows me to exit the full-time frenzy for a while. I need to focus on my family for a change.

But I’m frantic. Petrified. Completely scared out of my wits. For instance, in Target this morning–see, I can actually go to Target in the morning, one of my favorite stores ever, because I am still on maternity leave. But I digress. In Target this morning I had a panic moment, because I realized that the cute little sweaters and dresses I was looking at are not “necessary” for me to buy. WHAT!? Will I lose the ability to just buy something cute at Target…just because?! You betcha. That was the thought process that led to the panic moment. It still makes me cringe. I immediately called my little sister to whine.

So, I’m entering a new reality. My family is coming first, and sadly I feel like this is a first for a change. This workaholic will rehabilitate with some time as a stay at home mom/wife/manager of all things domestic. Ew. Why do I also cringe at that? I shouldn’t. My family is number one priority, but maybe it’s time I started thinking that way–for real.

I am changing this blog to reflect me. I’m not sure what I’m going to do with it yet. I have lots of interests. We’ll see where it goes, or where it takes me.  But I am excited for a new chapter.


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