>Chocolate-Peppermint Sandwich cookies

>I’ve never been much of a cookie baker. The mixing process isn’t the issue. It just takes forever to put the dough on the sheets, bake, cool, then bake some more. Not to mention watching them to be sure they don’t overbake in a nanosecond, usually the moment you happen to blink. Plus, I don’t have a bunch of cookie sheets; I have two. And only one of them works worth a hoot. So you get the idea; I don’t bake cookies that often.

However, I love them. Oh yes, I think a good cookie is nearly the best dessert. When other people make them.

But my son pointed to the chocolate-peppermint sandwich cookies in the Jauary 2011 issue of Cook’s Country magazine, and asked in as syrupy sweet a voice as only an adorable toddler can, “Mama, can you make those, please?”

Sure. So I agreed, thinking he’d forget. Nope. Two days in a row after that, he made the same request. So, I buckled tonight and made them.

They are sooo easy. And oh, boy, are they yummy! Try them. I promise you will be pouring a cold glass of milk and going back for more.


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