>Double Coupons at Kmart?!

>OK, truth be told, I hardly ever, ever go to Kmart. I thought they were going into bankruptcy. Regardless, it is not located on my normal route to anywhere, so I bypass it. Until today.

They’ve been doubling coupons up to $2.00 each if you spend $25 or more in the health/beauty section. Hello!

You have to be a “Shop Your Way” member, which is like a normal grocery perks card–think Bi-Lo Bonus card or Harris Teeter VIC card. No biggie. So I signed up. It gets you deals at Kmart, Lands End, Sears, and The Great Indoors (which I’d never heard of) and others.

I had way more than the coupon limit (5 per day), but not enough patience or time to go each day. So I went just once–today. It might even be the last day.

I was pleasantly surprised by some things but felt vindicated in my past avoidance for other reasons.

Their prices are higher on some of the things I buy, but similar to others.

I used 5 coupons and bought 5 items.
metamucil 2 @ 5.79 each = 11.58 (1 $2 off coupon and 1 $1 off coupon = $6 off)
gillette razor 7.79 (1 $2 off coupon = $4 off)
deodorant 3.79 (1 $2 off coupon = free!)
listerine 5.79 (1 $2 off coupon = $4 off)

Basically, it worked out to getting the deodorant, razors and listerine for FREE after buying the metamucil. These were all items I needed to buy anyway, so I walked out of Kmart feeling very satisfied.

Bonus! I also discovered Kmart has some pretty good quality long sleeve T-shirts and cable knit sweaters, which I live in, for cheap! I’m talking no-see-through white v-neck long sleeve t-shirts for 5.98 everyday! And v-neck cable knit sweaters on sale for $9.99 from &19.99. They are better looking quality than Target, which is usually my go to for stuff like this. Wow.

Verdict: Totally worth the trip!


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