>Does Butter Make It Better?

>Paula Deen says, “It’s better with butter, y’all.” Well, my mom told me as we were baking her addictive chocolate chip cookies one day that she has “never had luck baking cookies with butter.” But so many recipes call for it. Like I have said before, I’m not a stellar baker. But I have a sweet tooth. And I really like to try recipes. Most of the time my attempts with  butter recipe cookies have resulted in miserably thin, flimsy puddles of something that really shouldn’t be called cookies. But I had great luck with the chocolate-peppermint sandwich cookies, so why not try again? Same  January 2011 issue of cook’s country, but this time eggnog snickerdoodles.

I read one time that proper measuring of flour is a critical element to success. Well, duh. Baking is a precise exercise, which may be why I’m not tremendously or consistently successful at it. I like to switch things up and add/delete on a whim. Or sometimes it’s because I run out and have to improvise. Anyway, I’ve been scooping flour into the measuring cups with a spoon and then leveling off. Apparently, it is more accurate to take the measuring cup and scoop flour with it, without pressing it against the side of the storage container, and then level off with a flat end of a knife.

So maybe that’s what I’ve been missing with my butter recipe cookies!?

Um, no.

I think it’s just me. 🙂

It appears my oven doesn’t cook evenly, but as you can see, the cookies are just not consistent, period. Some of them turned out perfectly. Others were still the thin, miserable mess. They blended into one another; I was not going for the snowman/holiday theme here. Boo. At least they taste good. The buttery sweet combo is one of my favorites.

Perhaps I’ll try this again but refrigerate the batter for a couple of hours and in between baking.

Verdict: yummy but not cute/giftable


2 responses to “>Does Butter Make It Better?

  1. >Looks yummy for sure! and, I do believe refrigerating the batter for a few hours, or even over night – would be helpful! My mother has done this for years with all the cookies she has baked – and it made me very popular during grade school, as all my classmates loved my mother's cookies even more than I did! Now if only I had hers and yours baking talent!

  2. >I have the same problem with baking sugar cookies! Maybe that is why? I will follow the ingredients exactly and my cookies look flat instead of like fluffy, pillows. I keep on wondering why they are not thick and tall? I didn't know you were writing again! I am book marking your page. So, excited and can't wait for the next installment.

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