>Year End Wrap


As confetti swirls around New York City, fireworks are going off all around my neighborhood. (Off topic, I think my neighbors are some of the most fireworks loving people ever.) People are celebrating in Times Square. All over the globe. It’s pretty cool what the new year brings.

I’ve got my laptop on my lap and my baby by my side. Yes, baby girl is sitting next to me on the sofa. Fireworks and baby sleep patterns don’t mix well.

I’m  not alone in feeling reflective. The new year brings hope. Fresh starts. New beginnings. 

While I’m certainly experiencing a new station in life, I’m not hoping for new starts or anything like that. I’m actually hoping to find simplicity this year. I hope to prioritize my passions, quit obsessing over the petty (looking for perfection), and be able to really do what brings me joy–so I can bring joy to others.

God bless you all this year!


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