>Saturday Randomness

>My boys are off at a basketball game, so my little girl and I have the day to ourselves. She’s sleeping! So, I’m puttering around wondering what to do. Laundry is done. Book is finished…oh the book.

Sarah’s Key. Wonderful, easy, heart-wrenching read. I recommend it. It would make a great movie. I’ve been instructed by my good friend Hannah to pass it on. I’ll write our names in it and then give it to someone else to read and pass on. I think books are meant to be shared.

And the laundry. I’ve quit using regular laundry detergent. A couple of friends use cloth diapers (I’m sure there are more stars in their crowns!), and they use Charlie’s Soap for them.

Well, I did a little research and decided to try it out. It’s a North Carolina company, too, but there’s so much to love about this stuff. It’s now all I use, except for my heavy duty spray stain removers. My little guy has sensitive skin, and I swear this has helped. The only problem is the lack of scent. *sigh* But I think I’ve discovered a solution to that.

Another friend of mine, Elizabeth, is a green goddess. When you think about saving the environment, you could picture her (if you had the pleasure of knowing her.). She has shared info on making your own household cleaners. I’ve done it, but I still love me some Windex. Anyway, she suggested adding essential oils to the cleaners to help mask the vinegar smell. Vinegar is one of the key ingredients and a fabulous disinfectant. It will also soften your laundry and help remove odors, but I haven’t tried it myself in that way. However, I decided to add a couple drops of essential oils to my laundry soap dispenser. Mmmm! I can smell the eucalyptus/spearmint wafting even now. So nice! It may even have some small disinfecting power on those kitchen towels, too. But more important, hopefully, it will ease my mourning over the loss of scent. 🙂

As a special treat for you folks, here’s a tidbit of extra randomness: I had to look up the word spearmint, because I tried over and over to spell it, and it wasn’t coming out right.

Have a great weekend!


2 responses to “>Saturday Randomness

  1. >Where does one get CHarlie's Soap? Thanks for the tips. I would have thought oil would grease up your window washing/laundry.

  2. >I got my first charlie's soap on amazon but you can find it at earth fare. Essential oils are nothing like grease. Actually, "like dissolves like" in the cleaning world. Oil and water don't mix. The cleaning solution is vinegar and water, with the addition (sometimes) of washing soda. Essential oils just help camoflage the strong vinegar smell.

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