I’m not whining…this is serious!

As a joke (I’m sure), my hubby sent me this article to read on dirty fruits and veggies. He hints that perhaps we shouldn’t be eating kale or spinach. I absolutely love the stuff, as well as the skin on my potatoes, not to mention every other fruit and veggie listed. But I’ve never given much thought to the nasty pesticides on them being so tough to come off! EW!

But it gets worse!

So then I come to this part of the piece:
             “Grapes (imported) These tiny fruit have extremely thin skins,          
               allowing for easy absorption of pesticides. And think twice before buying
               imported wine. The grapes that go into the wine could be coming from
              vineyards that use too many pesticides.”

Well, first off, I have been avoiding grapes from outside the US, which has meant I eat fewer grapes. But I still love my red wine, and not all of it comes from California. But then again, probably all wine grapes are treated, right? And then how are they washed before they just hang out in those wine vats to ferment? Eegads!

Now seriously, as for other fruits and veggies, go organic with these dirty ones!

Interestingly, I bought a bag of organic celery last week, and the stuff is still going strong. I have been so pleased with it, much more so than the non organic I bought the previous time. And due to this newfound knowledge, I think I’ll go organic for numerous other fruits and veggies, too!

Happy, healthy eating, ya’ll!


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