Sugar Abandon

Sometimes I feel funny blogging. I have friends who blog with abandon. I am not one of those people. I think way too much, period, so blogging is not just an exercise, it’s real work sometimes. So my next project is going to take me outside of my comfort zone of sharing stuff that is more personal in nature.

Over the next 10 days, I’m taking the 10 day real food challenge. This lady pledged to feed her family nothing but real food for 100 days (and did it); surely I can do ten days. How hard can it be?

Pretty tough, actually. Today I’ve had coffee, lettuce, celery, hummus and tzatziki sauce, some salsa, cheese, tortilla chips (that I later realized were made with refined oil), plain peanuts and a beer. The beer saved me, because the peanuts spawned such a huge craving for a fizzy coke that I had to have something akin to it. Beer and wine is allowed, but I thinkĀ it’s more for sanity.

Sugar is in EVERYTHING! But this isn’t so much about sugar, as it is about the gobbledegook we consider “food” that we put in our bodies. We don’t eat a lot of junk in this house, but even the supposedly healthy almond milk I so enjoy is chock full of weird ingredients. And when did Breyers stop being simply made? It’s got texturizers in it now, too. That’s a big bummer. Of course, I can’t eat that now, anyway, so it doesn’t matter. It’s just that sugar’s on the brain!

It is addictive. I haven’t had a headache today, but I anticipate getting a bit cranky. Possibly just from hunger as I get used to all of this. When the munchies hit, I can’t just grab some cheezits (love me some cheezits!), I have to have some real cheese and low processed crackers, like triscuits. Those are the rules!

I will blog about this processed food abandonment, success and failure. Join me if you like! Please read all about the 100 day experiment, too.




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