A lesson from dust bunnies?

This is a rant. Or a scream for lack of sanity. Or a sigh of resignation.

Tonight I was supposed to be at two places at once. Just a bit earlier I sent the final draft of a proposal that I spent the entirety of this last weekend working on. And there’s a conference call at crack of dawn-thirty (7:30) in the morning to confer about said proposal. The kiddos will not be going to school, so guess who gets to participate in this conference call with me? Yep, Won’t that be fun? And professional? *sigh*

I’m annoyed at my life right about now, but there’s no one to blame but me. No one else accepted any of this. Just me. Yeah, very annoyed—angry even—at myself. See, that is NOT what this freelance, consulting gig was supposed to be about!

As I type, and think, I get more frustrated about what I’ve let happen. I’m an admitted workaholic, as I continue to prove to myself and family and some friends who know this about me. And now I think that I purposefully let this get in the way of allowing me to do what I (thought I) wanted to try and do: be more mom, less professional. I think I might be kind of afraid of being “just a mom.” Ha. That’s crazy.

No, what is crazy is that my goals of late have all been missed. Except for work deadlines, everything else–yes, everything else–has fallen to the wayside. My volunteer duties. My family. My mental health. My relationships with others.

Not all relationships. I’ve helped foster the relations of the dust bunnies. Yes, they have enjoyed—are enjoying—this time of my household neglect. While I’ve shirked my relationships, they have cultivated theirs. Looks like a reunion happening under the desk right now. Maybe there’s a lesson there. Or maybe not.


Weak in a Week

One week. One weak.

Yes, I fell off the wagon. Several times. I did try to stand strong in the face of temptation. I was most of the time. Except for date night and a couple of other social occasions. Even when people knew I what I was was trying to accomplish, I still failed. *sigh*

However, I’m not beating myself up too much. I’ve learned a lot this week, and I’m going to continue to press on. I learned a lot about what we are eating that is not quite as healthy as I had thought. We tasted a couple of really yummy recipes. And maybe I realized that we COULD do the unrefined lifestyle. We just aren’t USED to it.

Here are a couple of recipes I discovered and enjoyed. One is very strange, but the kiddos like it. It still needs some recipe tinkering, in my opinion, but the chocolate flavor is great.

Black Bean Brownies: These had a great chocolatey taste, but the texture was bizarre. It turned out more like cutable mousse than it did brownies. That troubled my tastebuds a lot, when I was expecting the chewy consistency of a brownie. I’d add some flour next time. Note: I did up the cocoa to 1/2 cup, vs 1/4 cup.

Whole Wheat Banana Pancakes: Can I just say YUM!? I wasn’t sure what these would be like, and I was sure that my hubby’s tastbuds would scream in protest. Instead, both he and my 3 year old thought they were really good. Me too. Once you drizzle some maple syrup on these things, they really do taste like banana bread! A sprinkling of pecan/walnuts would be a nice addition (in my opinion).

Today, in an effort of full disclosure was a complete disaster, regarding the pledge. I had Pizza Hut pizza and an ice cream concrete from the local creamery. I could have stopped after a a few bites of the ice cream, oddly enough. But what didn’t surprise me is that I plowed through the entire thing.

But the sun will come up tomorrow. And, tomorrow is another day to start fresh.

Sugar Abandon

Sometimes I feel funny blogging. I have friends who blog with abandon. I am not one of those people. I think way too much, period, so blogging is not just an exercise, it’s real work sometimes. So my next project is going to take me outside of my comfort zone of sharing stuff that is more personal in nature.

Over the next 10 days, I’m taking the 10 day real food challenge. This lady pledged to feed her family nothing but real food for 100 days (and did it); surely I can do ten days. How hard can it be?

Pretty tough, actually. Today I’ve had coffee, lettuce, celery, hummus and tzatziki sauce, some salsa, cheese, tortilla chips (that I later realized were made with refined oil), plain peanuts and a beer. The beer saved me, because the peanuts spawned such a huge craving for a fizzy coke that I had to have something akin to it. Beer and wine is allowed, but I think it’s more for sanity.

Sugar is in EVERYTHING! But this isn’t so much about sugar, as it is about the gobbledegook we consider “food” that we put in our bodies. We don’t eat a lot of junk in this house, but even the supposedly healthy almond milk I so enjoy is chock full of weird ingredients. And when did Breyers stop being simply made? It’s got texturizers in it now, too. That’s a big bummer. Of course, I can’t eat that now, anyway, so it doesn’t matter. It’s just that sugar’s on the brain!

It is addictive. I haven’t had a headache today, but I anticipate getting a bit cranky. Possibly just from hunger as I get used to all of this. When the munchies hit, I can’t just grab some cheezits (love me some cheezits!), I have to have some real cheese and low processed crackers, like triscuits. Those are the rules!

I will blog about this processed food abandonment, success and failure. Join me if you like! Please read all about the 100 day experiment, too.



I’m not whining…this is serious!

As a joke (I’m sure), my hubby sent me this article to read on dirty fruits and veggies. He hints that perhaps we shouldn’t be eating kale or spinach. I absolutely love the stuff, as well as the skin on my potatoes, not to mention every other fruit and veggie listed. But I’ve never given much thought to the nasty pesticides on them being so tough to come off! EW!

But it gets worse!

So then I come to this part of the piece:
             “Grapes (imported) These tiny fruit have extremely thin skins,          
               allowing for easy absorption of pesticides. And think twice before buying
               imported wine. The grapes that go into the wine could be coming from
              vineyards that use too many pesticides.”

Well, first off, I have been avoiding grapes from outside the US, which has meant I eat fewer grapes. But I still love my red wine, and not all of it comes from California. But then again, probably all wine grapes are treated, right? And then how are they washed before they just hang out in those wine vats to ferment? Eegads!

Now seriously, as for other fruits and veggies, go organic with these dirty ones!

Interestingly, I bought a bag of organic celery last week, and the stuff is still going strong. I have been so pleased with it, much more so than the non organic I bought the previous time. And due to this newfound knowledge, I think I’ll go organic for numerous other fruits and veggies, too!

Happy, healthy eating, ya’ll!

It’s a train wreck and I can’t look away…

We are rich and don’t know it.

I have felt so convicted of late about this. But I don’t know what to do about it. It started when I began this stay-at-home journey. How ironic. Maybe not. Sometimes you have to lose something to understand its true value. I’m not talking about my job, even though I did enjoy it. I’m talking about that extra money. Even with less to spend, I still find myself clicking through the emails to the sales sites, where an eager finger wants to fill the shopping basket and press the “pay now” button. But I swat it away like an annoying bug and close the screen.

It’s weird. I love a good sale, and I used to buy things even if I didn’t need them. GASP! Oh, the shock of it all! Yes, it was akin to retail therapy or something. I’ve come to think it is just a distraction to keep us from focusing on whatever the real problem is. 

Now that I don’t have extra money to play around with, I realize even more how much I don’t need. So the extravagent is kind of driving me a little crazy. Like Christmas overdone. It just seems…so…wasteful. Ah, but don’t get me started. I’ve got a whole other post for that just waiting to be written. 

I guess right now I’m very thankful for what I have, but I feel like there’s much left to be done. I just don’t know what that is. Yet.

I moved!

It’s moving day. And “virtually” no mess. Haha…so punny! Geez, I shake my head at myself all the time. Ah, well….laughter is good medicine, therapy and all things beneficial to the human spirit.

But I did move blogs. Name change and new host. Blogger to WordPress. Hopefully, this will be a good thing.

>When the rubber band breaks…

>Recently, it seems like lots of folks are stressed out, me included. There aren’t enough hours in the day, days in the week, or whatever, to get everything done. And then the working folks (outside the home) think they should be super woman/man and be all wild and crazy in love, have mad skills in the kitchen, and also manage to be a stellar employee and award-winning parent.

Sheesh, it’s a lot of pressure.

But from my recent experience on the other side of the employment world, it isn’t much easier to balance it all from inside the house, either.

Balance is an illusion, just like perfection. There just ain’t no way to make it happen. I borrowed that from somewhere, but my brain is too tired to remember where. Sorry.

So this post is meant to lift you all up. Stop beating yourself up. Instead of trying to do it all well, just try to focus on a few things. Yep, prioritize. It seems like everything is important, but that’s not true if you really stop and think about it. What is tops? What is something that could give a little?

Too many extracurricular activities got you down? Or making your child spastic with exhaustion? Or you, for that matter? Think about it. You’re in control of your time, like it or not. And you can say no. Oh, yes you can!

I think we live in a crazy world that is more hectic than healthy. The old cliche, “stop and smell the roses,” is meant for all of us.

The title of this post has relevance. We can stretch and stretch and stretch and snap back over and over. But one day, we stretch and **SNAP!** the rubber band breaks. Don’t be a rubber band. (A public service announcement from the Reinhardt Communication Commission.) 😉

Have a great day!